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Hospitals Nursing Homes

Hospitals Nursing Homes

Hospital and Nursing Home administrators love steam-cleaning systems. Keeping patient and visitor areas clean, sanitary and odor free has never been easier. Steam effectively cleans areas that other methods cannot, and without the use of toxic, noxious or irritating chemicals.

Patient Rooms :

Bed rails, service trays and tabletops are cleaner and more sanitary than ever.

Clean and freshen upholstery.

Spot clean and sanitize chairs, fabrics, rugs and carpets of all accidental stains and spillages.

Clean drapes and curtains in situ.

Floors and carpets are deep cleaned and sanitized in one easy process.

Makes easy work of valeting wheelchairs and other patient equipment.

Kill dust mites in patient bedding while cleaning and deodorizing.

Trolleys, food trays and service areas are easily cleaned and sanitized without using chemicals.

Linoleum, vinyl and tile floors are all left spotlessly clean.

Bathroom fixtures, tile and grout, sinks and porcelain are left sparkling clean, sanitary and free of odors.

Food Service and Preparation Areas :

Polish, clean and sanitize all without the use of chemicals.

Clean and polish stainless steel, refrigerators and freezers.

Ovens -- stop baking noxious chemicals into the food. Remove baked on grease and food quickly and easily using only dry steam.

Door gaskets are easily cleaned.

Dirt and residues are forced out of even the deepest cracks and crevices.

General Maintenance:

Kill and remove molds and mildews, and their odors.

Clean air vents, walls and ceilings.

Remove wax build-up from floors.

Clean and deodorize carpets, waiting room furniture and reception areas.

Steam cleaning makes easy work of once difficult and time consuming tasks, saving time, money and effort.